Sometime last year, a friend of mine called to request my assistance in getting a finely seated 'book' I once saw in my pastor's office. I tried exploring the outlets suggested by my pastor but to no avail. I spoke to my friend and though he understood, I became interested in the 'book' and wanted... Continue Reading →


Ladies, "have you ever met a guy who is always there? I mean he's there in your bad days and also in the good. He is there when your light turns to darkness and even when your darkness breaks into light. From dawn to dusk, he's always there. He doesn't want anything, in fact he... Continue Reading →


We have trash bins strategically placed at two different parts of our house. One sits inside the main building and the other finds its place at the backyard. The idea is so that whenever the bin inside gets full and becomes uncomfortable because of the nature of trash in it, we can transfer it to... Continue Reading →


One of humanity's greatest need is the desire to be loved selflessly and sincerely especially through service. I've always believed that one of the ways to add value to oneself and to others is by willingly offering service to the most vulnerable of us all without necessarily expecting to be paid back in the same... Continue Reading →


When I became serious with my life and relationship with God, I expected that God was only concerned about the 'bads' I bore. I thought He was going to keep washing me by the Word and removing those blemishes while allowing the good in me thrive (at least I thought I had some). So I... Continue Reading →


I love lemon tea a lot especially when it goes with fresh ginger. It sets my system in the right state plus I love the after effect of having to comfortably use the convenience with much ease. My most treasured aspect of this tea is watching my tumbi go flat- mehn! The feeling is rewarding😁😁.... Continue Reading →


Whenever I visit Bakan Gizo in Keffi or Onigbinde stores in Jos, I discovered I often wear an attitude. It may not be something I consciously plan and told myself to wear. The environment just wears itself on me and finds expression in my attitude so that I'm seen carefully checking the price tags on... Continue Reading →


It can be very difficult trying a thing over again only to end up with either a poor result or no result at all. It can literally be devastating and limiting. Making living tough and leaving easy. There were times I gave up on projects that when I look back, if I had persevered a... Continue Reading →


I've heard people talk about how getting into a relationship is hard these days and how men should love the lady who throws herself at them while advising ladies to love the man who has been there for long or just expressed 'true love' within a short period of time. They say many times that... Continue Reading →

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